This artist’s balloon animals take a party trick to a new and beautiful level

The artwork is made using nothing except blowing and twisting.

Balloon artworks by Masayoshi Matsumoto (Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)
Balloon artworks by Masayoshi Matsumoto (Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)

Many of us will have experienced balloon art at children’s parties, but Masayoshi Matsumoto has taken the fun activity to a new level of artistry and mastery.

The Japanese artist’s work focuses on the natural world, turning plastic and air into wonderfully-detailed creatures.

(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)
(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)

Masayoshi told the Press Association his artworks take a whole day to design and five hours to produce, using only blowing and twisting techniques.

“Adhesive, marker pen, seal etc are not used at all,” he said.

Incredibly, he only bursts one balloon or none at all per piece.

(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)
(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Instagram)

Masayoshi has been creating balloon art for 10 years, and is passionate about his work.

“Although balloons shrivel up over time, they have the same transient nature as ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement), and I think this is wonderful,” he said.

(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)
(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)

The incredible balloon designs have gone viral and Masayoshi has tens of thousands of followers across Twitter and Instagram.

So, what does the future hold for Masayoshi?

“I intend to continue making creations,” he said. “I want to pursue new possibilities of balloon art.”

Given the incredible work he has produced already, it’ll be fascinating to see what he dreams up next.

(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)
(Masayoshi Matsumoto/Twitter)

If you’d like to keep up to date with Masayoshi and his artwork, check him out on Twitter or Instagram.

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