Watch: Baseball umpire pulls a huge live moth out of his ear mid-game

Utterly horrifying.

A moth flew into Bruce Dreckman’s ear (stockfotocz/Getty)
A moth flew into Bruce Dreckman’s ear (stockfotocz/Getty)

It’s tough being an umpire, with abuse, flying bats, misplaced balls and all sorts of hazards coming your way on an almost daily basis.

But Bruce Dreckman had a particularly unpleasant moment to deal with as he was on duty during a match between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox when a moth flew into his ear.

To his credit, Dreckman seemed largely unfazed by the mildly horrifying incident as a member of the Yankees staff helped him fish the critter out of his lughole.

The bug even seemed in pretty good shape after its adventure.

Nobody else was quite so sanguine about it though.

Just another day in Major League Baseball.

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